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“S. R. Lavin’s original poemic transliteration of I and You is a most important and significant work—a must read.” – Richard Bennett, scholar of existential philosophy

The Velvet-Lined Toilet Bowl is about the failed drug war. The shattered narrative and glimpses into history are meant to project our 21st Century view of a world where some find happiness while many do not. A nineteen-year-old girl is perpetually trapped in poverty and has used drugs to escape her plight. She is non-violent and her only crime is that she is a victimless addictive user of drugs. Now the State of Florida has her awaiting trial without bond and only a slim hope of her ever pursuing her own happiness.

Also featuring I and You, an original poemic transliteration

Ich und Du (I and You) by Martin Buber is a landmark masterpiece and rightly regarded as a sacrosanct dialectic model for spiritual discovery. Previous translations (from the original German) have had a profound impact on Buber's readers. This original poemic transliteration is in no way an attempt at a third rendition but rather stands apart as an expressly creative tour de simpatique. The text delivers a spiritual reckoning akin to Buber's epiphany without the academic formalities, rooted instead in the energy and excitement of discovery and awe.

The Fighter Within: A Fighter's Life
By Isaiah Gathings Sr.

“This is a backstage pass to the hopes, dreams, successes and failures of participants in combat sports. This is a tale of what it takes to be a fighter.” — Dr. Adrian B. Hunter, 4th Dan, Soo Do Thai Master

Publication Date: February 1, 2018.

Tap into your fighter within.

The Fighter Within offers a rare peek into the life and mind of a fighter. Follow three fighters as they prepare for their upcoming fights in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and kickboxing, and read their day-to-day training habits, thought processes, and struggles both inside and outside of training.

Mahat: The Essence of Being
By S.R. Lavin

“Mahat is a beautiful work.” — Guru Ganesha Singh

MAHAT is a tale of conquest, religious wars, and one Hindu girl’s journey in fourteenth century India.

From the 7th to 19th centuries, Islam spread from Spain to China, conquering and converting “infidels.” In 1340 CE, an eleven-year-old Hindu girl is kidnapped and sold to a Muslim lord as a slave. This is the story of Taj Mahat Shakti—also known as Durga.

Sphere of Influence: An Approach to Self-Defense
By M.D. Holden, Rosa Sophia

“This book reads like someone who has been doing this for several decades. It is very technical and sophisticated material, and he was a great author. His passion for the arts shined through in each chapter that I read!” — Grandmaster Isaiah Gathings Sr., author of The Book of Six Tenets: Martial Arts and Life

It’s essential to be aware of your surroundings and know how to protect yourself. In Sphere of Influence: An Approach to Self-Defense,M.D. Holden discusses martial arts systems including Wing Chun and Shim Gum Do, to help you disable an attacker before a situation becomes more dangerous.

By discussing sparring, hand-to-hand combat, and Wing Chun’s relation to edged weapons, and stressing the importance of constant vigilance, M.D. Holden offers readers who are already well-versed in martial arts a well-rounded introduction to his approach to self-defense.

M.D. Holden was a Wing Chun practitioner and martial artist of eleven years. He took his own life in August of 2015 at the age of twenty-seven. This book serves to honor his life and his life’s work.