Born in 1945, S. R. Lavin has been widely published since 1967 in the U.S. as well as internationally in England, China, Poland, Israel, Japan and The Netherlands. Among his books are Let Myself Shine (Kulchur Press, 1979), The Stonecutters at War With the Cliff Dwellers (Heron Press, 1971), Voice in the Whirlwind (Poems, 1979-2007), (SynergEBooks, 2007), Metacomet: The Saga of King Philip (SynergEBooks, 2007), ECTO (SynergEBooks, 2009), God's People in Search of a Destiny, a provocative look at life inside The Twelve Tribes Communities (SynergEBooks, 2006), Journey to a Lone Star (Four Zoas Press, 1976), Big Meadow / New River (Jerusalem House, 1978) and PERDIDO (a folio of nine poems), (Jerusalem House, 2007), printed by the poet in a limited edition.

S. R. Lavin (aka Sholom) was founding editor and publisher of The Four Zoas Journal of Poetry and Letters, a five time recipient of N.E.A. Grants in Literature (USA, 1972-80) and winner of the Leonardo da Vinci Cultural Achievement Award (Florence, Italy). He was a creative writing teacher at several colleges in Vermont and was a poet-in-residence at Clark University and Northampton School for Girls. He has taught Creative Writing, Literature, given writing workshops and has performed in numerous colleges, as well as at The Knitting Factory (NYC) and the Iron Horse (Northampton, Mass.) and at many colleges, coffee houses, galleries, and art centers. Other works include I and You (an original version of Martin Buber’s Ich und Du), The Night the Mouse Roared (a stage play), and The Velvet-Lined Toilet Bowl.

Now available from Lady June Press: Mahat.

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