S.R. Lavin: A Mystic's Diary


By S. R. Lavin

Over the past twenty years we have seen and experienced the most caustic and divisive clash between progressive and conservative values, creating a polarizing and paralyzing “us vs. them” mentality.

In MAHAT, I tell a story in the context of tribal/religious/warrior cultures. In “A Mystic's Diary” the focus is a personal account of identity formed by social, political, and economic realities.

My present work, EIN SOF, goes to the essence of why we are more than political “animals”-- that as spiritual beings our lives are centered on health, well-being, and sane solutions to our real problems.

To my readers, friends, and family I extend a Happy New Year. The truth, crushed to Earth, will always rise again.

MAHAT (Lady June Press, 2017) by S. R. Lavin is available both in print and digital formats from Amazon. Click here for more information.