Mahat by S.R. Lavin now available as eBook


Mahat: Or the Essence of Being by S.R. Lavin is now available as a Kindle eBook. Click here for more information.

“Mahat is a beautiful work.” — Guru Ganesha Singh, musician, Kundalini Surjhee and others.

Mahat is a tale of conquest, religious wars, and one Hindu girl’s journey in fourteenth century India.

From the seventh to nineteenth centuries, Islam spread from Spain to China, conquering and converting “infidels.” In 1340 CE, an eleven-year-old Hindu girl is kidnapped and sold to a Muslim lord as a slave. This is the story of Taj Mahat Shakti—also known as Durga.

S. R. Lavin was founding editor and publisher of The Four Zoas Journal of Poetry and Letters, a five time recipient of N.E.A. Grants in Literature (USA, 1972-80) and winner of the Leonardo da Vinci Cultural Achievement Award (Florence, Italy).