S.R. Lavin: A Mystic's Diary


By S. R. Lavin

Over the past twenty years we have seen and experienced the most caustic and divisive clash between progressive and conservative values, creating a polarizing and paralyzing “us vs. them” mentality.

In MAHAT, I tell a story in the context of tribal/religious/warrior cultures. In “A Mystic's Diary” the focus is a personal account of identity formed by social, political, and economic realities.

My present work, EIN SOF, goes to the essence of why we are more than political “animals”-- that as spiritual beings our lives are centered on health, well-being, and sane solutions to our real problems.

To my readers, friends, and family I extend a Happy New Year. The truth, crushed to Earth, will always rise again.

MAHAT (Lady June Press, 2017) by S. R. Lavin is available both in print and digital formats from Amazon. Click here for more information.

Mahat by S.R. Lavin now available as eBook


Mahat: Or the Essence of Being by S.R. Lavin is now available as a Kindle eBook. Click here for more information.

“Mahat is a beautiful work.” — Guru Ganesha Singh, musician, Kundalini Surjhee and others.

Mahat is a tale of conquest, religious wars, and one Hindu girl’s journey in fourteenth century India.

From the seventh to nineteenth centuries, Islam spread from Spain to China, conquering and converting “infidels.” In 1340 CE, an eleven-year-old Hindu girl is kidnapped and sold to a Muslim lord as a slave. This is the story of Taj Mahat Shakti—also known as Durga.

S. R. Lavin was founding editor and publisher of The Four Zoas Journal of Poetry and Letters, a five time recipient of N.E.A. Grants in Literature (USA, 1972-80) and winner of the Leonardo da Vinci Cultural Achievement Award (Florence, Italy).

M.D. Holden's Sphere of Influence


My brother believed in knowing how to defend oneself. Here is an excerpt from his work, Sphere of Influence: An Approach to Self-Defense, in which he discusses the ability to clear your mind and protect yourself against someone who is trying to do you harm.

The mind is a mirror; clean it every day. Clarity is what is set before you. Why it is set there is no more an issue than who put it there. The situation must be dealt with as it is, not as you wish it to be. Your opponent is a great enemy of no man. Do not make a man of him. Wreck the target and make it nothing more than that.

Click here to purchase.

You can also check out this short video of Miles demonstrating the first set of forms from Wing Chun, the Chinese art of self-defense which he discusses in his book:

Martial artist to publish second book


On February 1, 2018, Lady June Press will be publishing The Fighter Within by Isaiah Gathings, Sr. Before you read his second book, check out The Book Of Six Tenets: Martial Arts & Life (Limitless Publishing). The author shares traditional martial arts principles with readers and helps to provide you with a better understanding of how these tenets can be applied to your everyday life. This book will help readers gain a better understanding of self, which will ultimately lead to reduced stress and anxiety in their daily lives.

Layered with knowledge and insight, the author shares his own unique personal experiences, providing you with knowledge of the tenets’ practical use and application.

In this book, you will learn:

  • Patience with yourself as well as others
  • The importance of being humble
  • Integrity
  • How to master self-control
  • The importance of never giving up
  • How important it is to possess the “Warrior Spirit”

Whether your goals are found in the business-world, sports, or other paths, The Book of Six Tenets is for you. Anyone can reach deep within themselves to draw on their inner power and achieve mastery in life and the six tenets can show you how.

Coming February 1, 2018:

The Fighter Within by Isaiah Gathings Sr.


Renewed focus on family history

With this newly designed website, I hereby renew my focus on my family's genealogy. My original purpose for opening this small press was to publish family history and genealogy books. When my little brother Miles departed from this plane of existence, I decided to publish his martial arts writings. Now, I'm coming full circle and returning to lady June. 

On my mother's side, June Umland (Surridge) was my grandmother's sister. She was murdered by her husband Charles in 1959 when she was 31 years old, the same age I am now.

  My Great Aunt June on the day she married Charles Umland, with her mother-- my great grandmother.

My Great Aunt June on the day she married Charles Umland, with her mother-- my great grandmother.

My cousin Gregg--one of June's five sons--later went back to Bergen County, where the murder occurred, to get information from the courthouse. When Gregg passed away exactly a year ago today (on November 25, 2016) he left me with everything, including a folder of documents about the murder. 

An old front-page newspaper article reads the following: Bagota - A 38-year-old man who police said admitted to the fatal stabbing of his wife last night is in Bergen County Jail today awaiting Grand Jury action.

Ever since I was little, this incident has both saddened me and piqued my curiosity. For years, I studied criminology and psychology on my own. June's murder affected my life deeply, because I saw my mother sobbing about it years later. She felt a strong connection to her aunt. I think when something like this happens, a family is forever impacted by it, even through the generations. Though I wasn't born until 1986, the murder that happened in 1959 is permanently tattooed on my mind and heart. 

Because I spent so much time sitting with Gregg in his living room, listening to him talk about his mother, I feel as if I know her.

I still don't know what I'll write, not exactly, but I want to do something with it. Gregg was very touched when he learned that I'd named this small press after her. It brought tears to his eyes because he often felt as if no one wanted to talk about his mom and what happened to her. 

I want my great-aunt to be remembered.

I think we all want to be remembered. Even if it's just to say "she lived." 

That's why I'll write about her. So, let this be the beginning.... Not the end.